About us

Terroirs Production uses its creative and technical customer service skills.

We set ourselves the task of directing and producing a double requirement editorial of artistic documentaries and reports, particularly on the issues of the terroir and nature, trying to make the center about humanity, proximity and emotion in order to attract a wide audience.

Passion and curiosity are our engines.

Terroirs Production produces in-house movies and documentaries and also contribute to the production unit as travel diaries, life courses and portraits of people and places, positioning itself as a ferryman image. It seems worn as a worldwide movement that brings us to continually develop new projects.


Our areas

Terroir & Food

“Taste senses and flavors of countries”

Terroir gastronomie vignobles regions

Escape in the heart of these famous places for their gastronomy, vineyards and terrors. Be charmed and delighted by the seductive gastronomic routes, crafts, and traditions of men (vineyards, local producer areas, road apprehension wines, cheeses and culinary tours to excellent places, and old trades and crafts of the earth).

Heritage and culture

“The power of the story and the power of culture”

Culture traditions patrimoine histoire

Be surrounded by the old stones, local traditions, and festivals to grow and discover the country through its routes, historic sites, famous or unusual sites, great music and festive gatherings. Walk, discover, grow off the beaten track. Explore the city ‘s iconic art and history, important historic sites, organized concerts and festivals, and other discretionary sized cities.

Nature, sports and relaxation

“Out of town, open spaces, natural moments, intimate and preserved”

Nature sports decouverte

A hiking immersion with nature, extreme sports or adventures (climbing, rafting, paragliding, canoeing, hot air ballooning, journeying into the heart of the most beautiful forests, etc.) Nature, going green, relaxation, fitness, get togethers, fresh air, a perfect escape to feel good about your body and mind (Spa treatments, villages, fields, forests, open spaces, lodgings, and rare experiences).

Patrizia Valli

President of Terroirs Production SAS

Terroirs Production : Patrizia Valli presidentePatrizia is from the accent sounds of Italy where she spent most of her childhood and where she likes to go to recharge regularly.

With her training manager, Patrizia has led the management of a large advertising agency in Paris. In 2003, she left the world of numbers to work with Sylvain Augier (Producer of Faut pas rêver, la carte au Trésor, France and Europe from the sky, etc.). Audiovisual production of television documentaries and discovery magazines. From March 2010 until July 2012, he was responsible for coordinating the editorial and production of a WebTV dedicated to the world of the vines and wines.

Christophe Debien

CEO of Terroirs Production SAS

Terroirs Production : Christophe Debien directeur generalA native of La Rochelle in France, where he spent most of his childhood, he left behind. The blue sea and sea air is the capital for his studies at the National School of Geographical Sciences.

He directs a few large mapping companies for twenty years. Passionate about the environment, geography, and landscapes, but also a lover of nature and earth. In 2005, Christophe Debien joins Sylvain Augier to direct and produce numerous aerial imagery for television and create a foundation for the landscape beauty.